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Welcome to Swell, a digital platform that explores the ins and outs of sexual wellness and human intimacy.

Sex and pleasure are valuable. They deeply affect our ability to feel connected, healthy, and loved. Sex shows up in some of our best moments, and some of our worst—which just speaks to its undeniable power. That’s why we should take it as seriously as any other vital topic. We should discuss sex and intimate relationships in a way that feels candid, nuanced, joyful, and compassionate. And fun! But don’t get us wrong: The pursuit of sexual happiness is our goal, but we are mostly here to educate, not titillate.

We recognize there’s never a one-size-fits-all way to achieve sexual satisfaction. People of any gender, sexual orientation, or level of sexual engagement deserve access to information about sex and their own bodies. Swell seeks to honor all experiences and leave the door open for alternative, creative, holistic ways of experiencing pleasure. And we are committed to making the sexual wellness conversation more inclusive and more accessible to marginalized communities.

Our contributors are journalists, therapists, activists, sex educators, essayists, and health experts.

How to Contribute to Swell

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