Swell’s Guide to Easing Pain or Discomfort During Sex

| 09/15/2020


There are lots of things that can cause pain during sex—but whatever the reason, it’s not something you should have to live with. Here are six helpful Swell posts about why sex might be painful or uncomfortable, and what to do about it.


1. A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Managing Painful Sex

“When I discovered the world of pelvic health physical therapy and the fact that painful sex is treatable, there was no turning back.”


2. Can CBD Lube Help With Painful Sex?


3. The Painful Truth About Endometriosis

“Endo pain can cause daily discomfort, incredibly painful periods, and can completely alter the way one experiences sexuality.”

4. Unexplained Pain During Sex? It Might Be Vulvodynia



5. What Is PCOS?

“You may want sex but are unable get wet, or you could be well lubricated but not in the mood. In either scenario, it’s likely a surplus or shortage of hormones that has slammed on the sex brakes.”

6. Everything You Need to Know About Your Tilted Uterus


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