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Four Ways Regular Meditation Leads to Better Sex

| 01/08/2019

Meditation Increases Compassion

Meditation is proven to increase compassion. Research suggests that meditation can reshape the networks in our brain linked to our ability to empathize. Greater compassion does not just benefit you, but benefits everyone around you leading to increased empathy, better teamwork, stronger emotional intelligence, and an increase in overall happiness. These ~positive vibes~ naturally seep into your romantic relationship, when communication is strong in between you and your lover, and cummunication is even stronger in the bedroom.

Meditation Decreases Stress

One of the greatest impediments to orgasm is stress. Life is constantly throwing us curve balls, and that isn’t necessarily going to stop when we start meditating. But how we choose to react to stress can improve over time with a regular meditation practice. Meditation is proven to decrease stress and anxiety, so taking a few moments to incorporate 20 minutes of meditation into our day allows us to stay calm when situations of stress do arise. Less stress leads to more chill, more chill leads to more “oh, oh, Oh, OH, AAOOOOHHH%#$* (insert name of lover’s here)!!!!

Meditation Makes Us Present

What is presence? Presence is being aware as we walk down the street. Presence is fully pausing to listen to our friends when they are talking without thinking about what we want to say next. Presence is really tasting that first bite of whatever we are eating, feeling the texture of it in our mouths, savoring the flavor. In today’s world of updates, newsfeeds, and constant distractions, presence is hard to achieve. Meditation is a great way to learn how to be more present in a world that is trying to get us to do anything but be present. By being more present during meditation, we can take the skills we learn in terms of focus and presence out into the world so we can fully just be wherever we are, in and out of the bedroom

Meditation Increases Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

You’re sexy and you know it. We don’t need to remind you of that fact. Meditation can help us transform self doubt and negative thoughts about ourselves into self-acceptance and self-confidence. By sitting with yourself and your thoughts you begin to fully know yourself, the good, the bad, the ugly, the kooky. Out of that a sense of self-acceptance arises, because at the end of the day we are the way we are, and that’s not a bad thing. As J. Cole says “love yourself girl or nobody will”. Real love starts with self-love. Never forget that!

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