Help Us Make Swell’s Intimacy Glossary!

| 01/13/2020

swell's intimacy glossary Illustration by Emma Olswing

Swell exists as an educational resource for all aspects of sexuality, from health to pleasure to identity to all kinds of relationships. Human intimacy is wonderful, and we believe that people of any gender, sexual orientation, or level of sexual engagement deserve access to information about sex and their own bodies. 

That’s why we’re putting together a comprehensive, crowdsourced glossary of intimacy and sexual wellness terms. We want to demystify sex by providing an online resource for people Googling terms and questions they’re too embarrassed to ask their doctors or loved ones. 

So we need your help.

Over the next few months, we’ll be compiling words and phrases that are essential for the sexually literate human, then defining them on our living, breathing glossary page (coming soon!). Many of these terms will have layers and nuance, so eventually we’ll be reaching out to ask what certain words mean to

Have ideas for what words, concepts, and phrases our Intimacy Glossary simply must include, or just want to stay updated on our progress? Drop us a line at

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