Good news only for June! With the sun in Gemini, and later shifting to Cancer on the 22nd, the motivation to connect deepens. We are dying to connect, open up, and get more comfortable with new friends. The planets make their biggest moves mid month, with Mars going retrograde in Virgo making us want to analyze (and do a little experimentation) with our sexual psychology. Venus contradicts this in Leo, shining a light on Mars and bringing in the team spirit needed to solve any questions about where we can get a little more kinky. Analyze, but play, and you’ll be flowing with these unique vibes of June. Dreams will be even more unique, with Neptune following Mars in retrograde on the 18th. This sprinkles some symbolism into our subconscious and deep sleep — pay attention to those 20 minute “fall back asleep” dreams. If you find yourself really feeling foggy those mid month days, you could be experiencing Neptune a bit more. Ground back down with outdoor cardio, and breathe breathe breathe. No matter where you are or what your doing in June, new friends are everywhere for the making. Chit, chat, and chat some more. Chat during everything (and I mean everything!). Share your weird dreams. Talk to yourself, why can’t you be better friends with you? Bees are buzzing, and so are we.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

You are absolutely bubbling with creative energy this month, and ready to connect and express your emotional self. Whether you already have artistic outlets in your life, or you kind of did a paint night one time, put it into self expression now…you will be getting out so much more than just feelings. Dismiss nothing you start to visualize in your mind! With Mars going retrograde, this shift will override most influences most of the month. You aren’t feeling horny, but you’re feeling everything else. Cleanse, release, and heal your energy by burning sage or having a reiki treatment. Once a little work gets done on you, you’ll be ready to get back in the saddle. Treating instead of worrying is key! A big boom of romantic energy hits you towards the end of month thanks to Venus and your new artistic pursuits could start to enter your intimate life. Why limit the brush to a canvas? Get wild. Brush off, or at least reconsider, dramatic career shifts. Patience is going to be stretched, but breathing before reacting can prevent big issues.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

For you, this month is one of the most important all year for making new friends. The planets are guiding you to people you are deeply connected to, and have known before in past lives — if you believe in that. Keep yourself grounded and open to those around you, as sparking more than just small talk opens opportunity. All of this connecting gets you in the mood to deepen your already existing relationships. One-on-one time (and wine!) will start up some conversations that lead to learning so much *fun* stuff you didn’t know. I’m also going to recommend spending lots of time with loved ones, outside, all month. Loosening up and relaxing is just what your mama planet Venus wants you to do right now. Talk about weird dates, funny sex stories, wet dreams and celebrity crushes. Talk a lot about your dirty dreams, if your comfortable sharing, that kind of talk could really get your engine going with your lover. The end of the month the energy continues to encourage you to connect with new people, but the focus shifts to business. Listen up to those older and more experienced if you are interested in pursuing further education or taking on a new endeavor. Guidance is readily available. Overall though, wine, fun and friends, Taurus! And maybe some disco on vinyl.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You are all about plotting, planning and talking about future endeavors, but for now, keep enjoying birthday season Gemini! You are in rejuvenation mode, as you should be, and hopefully open to receiving more than usual in your relationship. Lay back and enjoy your partners determination. With all sorts of busy energies brewing later this month, be lazy and indulgent now. Hey, you put in a lot more work the past couple months. The new moon in your sign on the 13th highlights some deeper emotions regarding the past. What are you struggling to let go of? How long have you been mad at yourself, unrightfully so? Let the layers shed, and allow the moon to reign in some forgiveness. Mars’ shift the last week of June gets you wanting to analyze and research those around you a bit more. So many questions, so much curiosity! Filter this only slightly. There is a time and place for every conversation, but questioning some of the “unspoken” boundaries could prove fruitful. Maybe even lighten up an awkward relationship, or deepening a forced connection. That friend’s new partner you don’t like…maybe they aren’t so bad? Be easy with your partner too. Dig deep if you’re feeling the analytical vibe…but if you hit a rock, stop.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

What a fun month you have, Cancer! With a nice mix in your 7th house of romance, you are seeing the bright side of everything. Flirty and thriving, you are attracting so many opportunities for personal growth. Your relationship is also getting to the next level, and dating if you are single proves promising right now. Be as open as you want, but I have a feeling its going to be much more than usual. The new moon mid-month has you questioning a current friendship that’s on the rocks. Maybe time for a clean cut? Follow your intuition the last week of June when it comes to hubbub around work, and gossip about changes. Your gut may be on a different page than everyone else, however as a water sign, you are likely more in tune. Mars in retrograde encourages a revisiting of old fantasies already played out. What you did before to spice things up, may be even better now with more experience. Revisit old tricks, old toys and old tales — see where play takes you with familiar tools.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

June is saturated in opportunities for you, Leo. Recognition for past work and ability comes late but pays off greatly. You’ve been doing all the right things in all the right places and compensation is finally starting to show up. With Venus in your sign, the compliments, attention, and affection start to pour in mid-month onward. Don’t question, brush off, or downplay the love. It is here, and you deserve it. You also deserve all the love you’re getting down there, and in a way you might even start to feel like a new person. Bloom, Leo, bloom! Why stop at 2 orgasms when there can be 3! Mars retrograde, and it’s shadow effects at the end of the month, have you revisiting those exercise goals you put in place. Just because you took a couple weeks off doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. You know this though. Getting your blood flowing only amplifies your libido during this retrograde, why not make it fun?

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Luck continues to be on your side this month, and you are trusting the journey more than ever. Your grounded energy seeps into your relationships, making you just completely content with your friendships. Tensions aren’t lingering, and you are on everybody’s guest list until July. As your social life buzzes, and business is stable, your sex life (although routine) proves incredibly satisfying. Take note of the places, positions, and kinks you are enjoying even if they are just the same old same old. Noting what your basics for getting off are helps with routing your sexuality. This encourages more of an independent knowledge of pleasure, even if done with a partner. The month wraps up with a slow, kind of foggy vibe. Return to these basics to get back down to earth, and release work stress in the bedroom. Delay, and take time to unwind before reacting to anything going on in your career or with business partners. The haze will clear up on it’s own but you shouldn’t get whirled into it as it unfolds.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

With just a twirl of your wand, wishes come true this month, Libra. Your mind is an extra powerful magnet this month, and abundance is close. Communicate your goals and desires; vocalization amplifies your magnetism and your friends are there to act as aiding witches. The new moon on the 13th shakes up a long suppressed desire to communicate radical ideas, and you are craving dirty talk. Toss out your filter and get chatty when you’re naked. Watch the golden material pour out, and maybe even record it for the spank bank. As you continue to have singing orgasms, the universe tosses you some more luck as the month wraps up. Although some paperwork may be required, a chunk of unexpected cash could come your way. Or maybe everybody who owes you money finally pays up. Either way, don’t spend it all in one place, as the grandmas say…unless you’re spending it on pleasure enhancing materials, in that case splurge away! This summer can be your hottest yet with a little research and experimentation.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Old wounds heal this month, and you start to see the light at the end of multiple tunnels. Work is looking up, your home’s energy feels good, and physically energy is high. Continue to flow, release, and masturbate as much as possible. Your aura only grows mid-month onward, attracting likeminded friends with opportunities to connect about spirituality. Explore new topics, and don’t be afraid to initiate conversations with your partner about your sexuality. Maybe even explore spiritual sexuality? Tantra? The planetary energy is extra cleansing for you this month, which means get off as much as possible. Orgasms are your ultimate healing crystal, but claim and reserve your energy. Slight shifts in your relationship may be encouraged by the new moon on the 13th — all for the better. Those lagging behind in the Neptunian drift may want to stick a straw in your energy. Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with those people, just keep up a shield for your boundaries. Go home when your tired, no need to do favors!

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Your intuition is on point this month, as is your physical energy. You’ll be able to go for miles. Get it, and keep getting it. Everybody seems to want to “invest” in you right now too, and don’t question the opportunities. Especially if this has to do with traveling for your career, accept financial help if needed to accomplish a goal in any way! The Gemini new moon gets you wanting break down communication barriers in your relationship and sex life. You want to try new things, and you want to talk about it the whole time. Connecting leads to learning, and hearing your own voice sparks a bigger fire than usual. Venus in Leo has you craving luxury as June ends, and wanting to plan more adventures than affordable this summer. Utilize the connective energy of the planets right now and feel out what your friends are doing. More affordable travel options are likely there if you reach out a bit. You like a challenge anyway, so why commit to easy expensive trips, when you can put a little extra energy to find something close to free?

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

The weather, and you, heat up all June. You’re extra horny, energetic, and silly most of this month. This month promises lots of quick, yet fulfilling, orgasms. Keep the vibe lighthearted, and embrace this little emotional break from the planets. Health and pleasure remain your focus and work gets done in between — why can’t every month be like this? Something to chew on. Mid-month a door opens in your hobby/artistic life to join a new likeminded team. “Where will I find the time?” Ignore that voice, and include your partner. Deepening your friendship with your romantic interest produces even more desire between you. Also, get comfortable being playful. Mars retrograde as the month wraps up highlights projects that need to be finished, although new ideas are stirring. Stay on track with what is so close to being finished, and have patience. Jot down the new ideas if you are that afraid you’ll forget them — but when was the last time that happened?

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Everything will become crystal clear in regards to financial worries this month, lightening up your mood quite a bit. You had to be really adult-y for awhile, now let loose. Romance is being ushered into your life this month too, and wining/dining releases some tension from the long winter. Dote upon your lover, and be doted upon. This is a significant month for dusting off the past through romance. As your love life blossoms, you drift into a rose colored mindset boosting the mood of those around you. Your coworkers are lucky to have the energy you are bringing to the office right now. Glowing and enthusiastic, you deserve all the gratitude you get for team spirit. As the month ends, sleepiness may catch up with you, and a full day of rest may be in order. Recover, sleep, and expect some very…strange…dreams. You mind is resetting, and releasing old junk thanks to Neptune!

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Quit pinching your stomach and looking in the mirror. You look great, and just need to be around your friends more to be reminded of your great beauty. After you’re done beating yourself up for no reason, the rest of the month promises big invites in your social life. Friends and coworkers will be hitting you up to tag along on all sorts of cool adventures. Ride the fun and free train, but don’t forget your partner at home (or wherever they are.) They may be extra sensitive right now, as could your closest friends. Even just communicating with them if you don’t have time to see them will reassure them that they aren’t put on the back burner. You may be struck with a new turn-on toward the last week of June. Explore this field, even if you dismissed it in the past. Just because it didn’t intrigue you before, doesn’t mean it can’t now. In fact, exploring could lead to a pretty big passion for this sexual practice. The planets are dangling a whole new level of pleasure if your mind stays open!

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