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Swell’s Guide to Orgasms

| 07/29/2020

blended orgasm Illustration by Sophi Gullbrants

Swell has explored all kinds of ways to have orgasms, from relaxing breathwork to G-spot massage to hands-free pleasure! Here are nine of our favorite posts about getting off.

1. Want Intense Orgasms? Practice Mindful Masturbation

“Mindful masturbation can be a pressure-free exploration of sensations that simply feel good.”


2. How to Have More Orgasms With a Partner

“If you’ve got your masturbation routine on lock but are still struggling to come with another cute human being, here are some tips to help get you there.”


3. How to Have a G-Spot Orgasm


4. How to Orgasm Without Being Touched

“Orgasmic experiences brought on by breath don’t feel exactly the way genital orgasms do.”


5. What Is a Blended Orgasm?

“If you enjoy external stimulation of the clitoris in tandem with G-spot stimulation, that’s having a blended orgasm.”


6. How to Have a Breast Orgasm


breast orgasm

7. How to Embrace Your Weird Sounds, Feels, and Orgasms During Sex

“Sex is a messy, weird, funny, hot, sexy, awkward, often hilarious thing and it never looks the way you’d expect.”

8. How a Month Without an Orgasm Improved My Sex Life

“By learning to take the focus off the end goal, I could fully enjoy every step of the journey.”


9. Some People Never Orgasm—and That’s Perfectly Okay

“Research suggests anorgasmia it’s three or four times more common in people who were assigned female at birth.”


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