What’s In Your Nightstand, Arielle?

| 05/16/2018

Welcome back to What’s In Your Nightstand? Our monthly interview with our favorite sex-positive folks where we ask them all their *dirty* little not-so-secrets! This month we’ve interviewed intersectional feminist, activist, writer, and bad ass behind @ladysavaj, Arielle Egozi!

Image courtesy of Arielle Egozi

Ok, so, obvious one first: …what’s in your nightstand!? I’ve got Unbound’s Jelly lube, a CBD pen, a Daysy period tracker, my notebook for writing my dreams in the morning, a bunch of crystals, a million face products I’m still not sure how to properly use, my vision board, a gorgeously packaged Eva II that I still have not used, my late abuelo’s pocket photo album, and one of my vibrators that I probably have used the night before. The rest I have to keep in a separate basket as I have so many of them!

What’s the sexiest thing in your nightstand? I’m a little witch and I find crystals to be extremely sexy. They charge, they ground, they help release. I love the way they feel and how bright they are. I’m into ’em.

What’s the most practical thing in your nightstand? The most practical is probably my CBD pen because it saves me when I have really bad anxiety, but my notebook is equally as important for those reasons — I work through a lot of my emotions when I dream.

What’s the weirdest thing in your nightstand? The weirdest thing is probably all the face products I have! After years of simply slapping water on my face before bed, I started getting on the skincare train and bought a bunch of products and my skin got mostly worse (I also don’t really know how to use them….). I have two organic and natural products that I regularly use, and they’re working fine, I think?

If your house was burning down and you had to pick one item to save from your nightstand — what would it be? I would absolutely take my abuelo’s little wallet-sized leather photo album. I grew up in Miami, and whenever I’d have to pack up my things for hurricane evacuations, this was the first thing that always came with me.

Anything you’re dying to add to your collection? I would like to add more weed-infused products to play with and some fine lingerie. I’m only recently stepping into externalizing my sexuality, and putting on something that feels like it was made for your skin helps so much!

What would you tell someone ashamed of what’s in THEIR nightstand? Boo, been there, done that. Don’t waste your time wondering what people will think of you, and maybe even harder, what you think of yourself. Let the shame go and embrace all the pleasures the treasures of your nightstand have to offer.

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