Welcome back to What’s In Your Nightstand? Our monthly interview with our favorite sex-positive folks where we ask them all their *dirty* little not-so-secrets! This month we’ve interviewed Sebastian Rosemarie, Afro-Latina model and artist, mental health advocate, and sex positive writer + activist! She’s a true bad ass, y’all.

Photo by Joe Gray

Ok so, obvious one first, …what’s in your nightstand? Some heart sunglasses, c&b rope, a buttplug, lots of pens, my notebook, unopened hair dye, hand cuffs, work out shorts that I never use (lol), old film, red nail polish, and a joint!

Illustration by Lea Carey

What’s the sexiest thing in your nightstand? My precious pink crystal dildo.

What’s the most practical thing in your nightstand? Probably lube, it’s definitely not something all Tinder hookups have but for sure should. It’s major!

What’s the weirdest thing in your nightstand? Hm probably the gimp mask I just got, I’m in love with it!

If your house was burning down and you had to pick one item to save from your nightstand — what would it be? My hitachi magic wand every time. It’s a life saver.

Anything you’re dying to add to your collection? I really want Ben Wa balls that exercise your pelvic floor for stronger climaxes.

What would you tell someone ashamed of what’s in THEIR nightstand? Never be ashamed of taking care of yourself and putting yourself first. I have had so many times where I’d take partners into sex shops and watch them get all flustered and embarrassed. It’s completely normal and takes practice to unlearn societies sex negativity. It’s like working a muscle and you can flex your sex positivity in small steps. I challenge you reader, to get acquainted with their local sex shop and ask questions while visiting, even just one.

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