July is all about changes, and facing them — just as David Bowie sings. It is eclipse season, lunar and solar, with emotional Cancerian energies opening our hearts to the truth. Happy birthday sweet baby crabs! As we all peel back layers and masks we have put on during the bustling spring, closure and ignored changes are presented more clearly than ever. The vibe is real, sarcastic and revealing, and everyone is experimenting style-wise. As intense as emotions can be this month — causing fights and anxiety, we are all going to get a big relief from “ah ha!” moments. Mars, our ruler of sex and aggression is retrograde all month, which brings a light relief to all the uprooting of old feelings, but can really work for us in the sacral chakra. This alignment presents a comfortable energy to address changes needed in our sexual relationships. We can have the hard talks, easy. We can break down walls and ditch tensions for even better sex the rest of the summer. Incorporating kinks, fetishes, and new toys becomes exciting instead of unspoken or avoided. Embrace, release, and please yourself. This month resets our minds, bodies and spirits for coming back down to earth for pleasure.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

July is sweet AND salty — hope you like that combination. Affection and sarcasm go hand-in-hand, but the push/pull is just what turns you on anyways. Although your ruling planet Mars is getting real comfortable in retrograde and engines take longer to start up, once you’re in the mood you stay there. So keep going with the flow, and ditch any guilt about doing what’s best for you and your sexual needs. Now back to the salty/sweet theme — somebody awfully sweet may have your taste buds wanting a snack. Enjoy the game a bit longer before taking a big bite. The solar eclipse mid-month stirs up desire for big changes on the domestic front, but pace yourself before announcing it loud and proud. The month could end foggy. Ground back down to earth with an old hobby and your favorite position. A little more of the same old same old should be enough to cut through the brain funk, otherwise it may be time to question a couple of the energies you are surrounding yourself with. Maybe time for a cleanse/clean out? As level and strong minded you are, you may still be giving a bit too much to those that like to take.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Alright Taurus, cha cha slide and take it back now. For you, July is all about taking two steps backwards in order to move forward. As much as you like to plan and stay ahead of the curve, be responsible, blah blah blah…slow down with the planets this month and allow yourself to double check everything. Do you like the direction things are going at work, your relationship, home life, or socially? If not, the planets this month usher you backwards to better recognize where you can correct yourself. If you tried something new and adventurous with your partner last month and this month have lost interest — voice it! No need to continue to pretend to be happy where you are not happy, just because at one point you said it was what you wanted. Back peddle and examine where you need a little more chemistry and toss it into the mix. It is also a great time for taking back things you said, or clarifying mixed messages. This month may sound boring from the description, but I think you are going to really enjoy this…fix it up…month. You get off to completed to do lists, and closure.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

The end of the month presents some pretty big changes, but let’s start off with the more boring part. The combination of eclipses, retrogrades and shifts has you doing everything you can to stay afloat. Let go and relax with the rest of us. Be yourself, and be vulnerable to all the shifting energies. The surrender will feel good. Sexually, you may be putting pressure on yourself. Orgasms are no fun when it is the only part you are looking forward to. What happened these past couple of months allowing sex to become a chore? Dig a little deep, release a lot of stress, and get off more. The end of the month starts to show signs of big changes in your finances. Is it time to cut out that unrealistic, or unneeded expense? Subscription to a fancy makeup box? Crush that loves to mooch off you? BYE. Your money is yours to rule over again, and the planets point out the source as July wraps up. Just imagine what you can treat yourself to in August through all this reclaiming…

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

You are charming and magnetic this month, little crab! Your sexual energy is enticing, and you seem to have all sorts of new people seeking cover in your shell. Stay in control though, and don’t get charmed yourself. As long as you are being sensitive and aware of other’s feelings/comfort level, this month should be pretty fun. This is a rare occasion where you become the aggressor — have you researched BDSM or other fun ways to incorporate dominance and role play into the bedroom? Just some ideas to toss out there. The solar eclipse hits your 1st house of self — great for self acceptance, growth, and righteousness…just keep your selfishness in check.. Keep standing your ground and being the boss, but be wary of the possibility where those you love feel left behind, or worse, low priority. Check yourself before you wreck yourself as July wraps up, but you’re usually good like that. Only take advice from a doctor/professional if something doesn’t seem right down there with all these new sexual adventures. Uranus wants you to slow down and double check all internal mechanics, but nothing should be needed but the usual “maintenance.” Always better to be safe than sorry, when it comes to your body!

Leo (July 23-August 22)

You are very very comfortable celebrating yourself (as you should be), so birthday month with Venus in your sign is just extra fun. Bask in the sun, you lioness, and receive all the compliments. Relish the slower pace thanks to Uranus, and watch the sun reveal everything you need to reevaluate around the 13th. Changes are needed in the friendship department, but what exactly should happen, and how, will come to you. Outdoor sex is something to try if you haven’t. The power of your ruling planet (the sun) on your skin could be just the kink you are lacking. Pleasure and treat yourself on the rare occasion somebody isn’t around to do so, and consider a new toy for your nightstand as a birthday gift. As the month ends with hobbies and entertainment, for some reason your may find yourself really wrapped up in a crush. A sudden lack of attention baffles you, but just remember the energy is only coming down from what was an abnormally kind alignment in your favor. Prevent shock through distraction and fun! Birthday celebrations will be continuing anyway well into next month.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

A dream is a wish your — what — makes? This month it doesn’t have to be your heart, it can be your vagina. Listen to your wet dreams as your subconscious has all sorts of light shined into it thanks to the solar eclipse. Why dismiss these unique and new desires just because it doesn’t come from the part of your brain you have control over. See where it goes, sleep more, take a nap, wake up in heat and pounce on your partner. Let your mind go free, your desires will follow. At the end of the month you’re starting to get extra radical, ready to push for big community changes and voice your opinion. Go all the way — organize a protest and spread awareness on the topics you are most passionate about. Just be sure to stay on target, and keep your message clear and direct. Mercury retrograde could lead to bad typos, or forgetfulness! Revisit an old kink this retrograde, and add a new modern twist — you’ll be impressed just how many miles you can go with some extra steam.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

As this month stays nice and low key for you, steer away from drama, although boredom may tempt you. Everyone is kicking up dirt at work, and your typical role as peacekeeper could be read the wrong way. People will just see what they want, and everyone wants a fight! Remain detached and focus on kicking up dust with your partner. Why are things getting so mundane? Could the pressure of needing sparks be taking away sparks? Be open and real, and watch the chemistry pick right back up. The love is there for the taking, just some societal pressure and anxiety may be leaking in. An ah-ha moment in regards to moolah hits during the last week, and even though budgeting may not be your thang — it’s all crystal clear now. Exactly where you can be cutting back will be presenting to you kindly by the planets, and changes are easier than ever. This will pay off big time in August and into the fall. Energies in your 12th house of intuition and dreams have you curious about your darker side as the summer heat peaks. Experiment with your body, and having more pleasure without the element of light. Draw the shades, put on a blindfold, and do it at night. Your other senses will heighten, and lead to many fascinating discoveries.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

This months slow vibe can work for or against you, dear Scorpio. With your ruling planet Mars in retrograde, Uranus in your opposite sign Taurus, and all these eclipses, small changes out of your control are happening left and right. On top of that, people are talking slower than ever. You can let this energy turn you into a ticking time bomb, or you can just take a step back and chill. Up to you, but I will say chilling along with Netflix could just be the outlet you need. A great opportunity to advance your education comes up this month, which could also be exactly what you need mentally. Be open and allow the retrogrades to guide your skills in a new direction. If this process appears to take longer than expected, be realistic about getting to your end goals. Rush less, study more. Don’t forget to have sex in between…oh wait, I don’t have to tell you that! End the month with the lunar eclipse and a bright new idea. Intimate photography or film maybe? The planets encourage you to see yourself more, and from a new angle.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

You are adapting and transforming every day this month. Keep up your usual attitude, stay positive, and be open to sudden changes of heart. In order to embrace the transformative energy of the eclipses, stay open and true to yourself. Find new products in particular that can improve your self pleasure — potions, toys, or a new shower head. Letting yourself upgrade in that department will be beneficial for months to come, and Venus has you extra in tune with your needs. The month ends with lots and lots of travel and entertainment opportunities, likely for free. Don’t feel you owe anybody anything, including constant enthusiasm, just because they let you tag along. Ride free, guilt-free. Mars retrograde all of July has you sexually taking two steps backwards in relationships. Lift tensions and be honest. Watch the walls come down! Now is the best time to shine a light on where you may have miscommunicated some needs and desires, and feel heard. This is your opportunity to check all the unwritten rules and priorities, and transform your sex life to a deeper level.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Venus in your 9th house of travel, spirituality, and adventure all month has you craving the unfamiliar. Romantically, you want to surprise your partner, and break the little mold they are starting to create of what you like. Keep them guessing, break routine, and remain calm where you would normally react. Everything starting to take root that you do not like can be changed extra easily now, thanks to the planets encouraging these shifts. The eclipse mid-month specifically highlights the pet peeves those around you keep exhibiting. Point out what agitates you kindly, and if it is with your sexual partner be sure to check your ego at the door. Coming off defensive will bring out their defense, and it doesn’t really need to go there. Get back to enjoying time together as the month wraps up, continuing this spontaneous energy you had at the beginning of the month. Laugh off awkwardness, and this month is going to really change up the annoyances in your relationships.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18th)

You are an open book all month, sexually, and have the physical energy to match. Even if your partner isn’t in the mood, it won’t be long with you until they are. Your desire to talk about sex, your fantasies, and turn-ons keep up the energy and enthusiasm. Stay open, have fun! The planets usher in a financial opportunity that you have been working on — could be pay for past work or the go ahead on using more resources towards a project. Either way, celebrate. The final eclipse of the month and the full moon shifts your focus on letting go of some old emotions and boundaries. Where have you put up a guard that maybe you can let down? Watch your behaviors, and what triggers anxiety. As you go a bit inward, the crazy sex at the beginning of the month comes to a slower pace. This is just the vibe the planets are dishing temporarily. It will come back!

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Spontaneous pleasure is where it is at for you this month, mermaid. Ditch all routines and usual positions, try out new places and furniture. Less pressure at work and socially allows your mind to relax this July, for once, making you more in the mood too. Do what you feel when you want, listen to your body, and embrace your wild animal side. The eclipses have you realizing that you need a little extra cash flow. What exactly you want that money for is maybe a bit selfish in your mind, such as future travel or new clothes, but that is just your internal guilt training. Work hard, play hard, and you should be pouncing on opportunities for more money, even if you feel judged. There is also a good chance, thanks to Venus and Mercury going retrograde, that this little side hustle you start could be just as rooted in hidden passion as it is in income. So be a weekend hustler for a bit, see where it goes, and rise above the jealousy-driven judgements of those wishing they had the guts!

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